What are Common Problems with Dual-Temperature and Closed Condenser Systems?

water treatment for closed condenser system

Dual-temperature and closed condenser systems are important for various industrial tasks, providing precise temperature control and energy efficiency. However, these systems can run into significant issues, especially in the summer when parts of the system might not be used for long periods. Here’s an explanation of the problems and solutions. Issues with Idle Parts of […]

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The Most Neglected Piece of Mechanical Room Equipment: Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers

Plate & Frame Heat Exchangers - often neglected piece of mechanical equipment

In the hectic environment of a mechanical room, some pieces of equipment inevitably get overlooked when it comes to preventative maintenance. An example of a vital yet often neglected component is the Plate & Frame Heat Exchanger. Despite being essential for efficient thermal energy transfer, regular maintenance of heat exchangers is frequently ignored until a […]

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Expanding Our Building Solutions: EMG Industrial Chimney Joins Metro Group

We’re thrilled to announce a significant event in our commitment to providing world class building solutions—EMG Industrial Chimney is now part of the Metro Group family! Metro Group has been the trusted source for building solutions since 1925.   From construction to maintenance, our commitment to excellence has remained unwavering since our founding in 1925. Now, […]

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Case Study – Metro Group Lights the Way with Expert High-End Light Fixture Installations

Are you envisioning a space that exudes luxury and sophistication? At Metro Group, we understand that high-end light fixtures play a pivotal role in transforming properties into breathtaking havens. Our expert electrical contractors specialize in installing these fixtures, catering to diverse visions across various residential and commercial settings. Diverse High-End Lighting Fixture Installations Customers approach […]

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Case Study – Enhancing Animal Enrichment: A Partnership with Roger Williams Park Zoo

At Metro Group, we’re dedicated to delivering reliable building solutions, including safe and clean water treatment services. Our partnership with Roger Williams Park Zoo in Rhode Island is an example of our commitment, as we go beyond standard services to benefit both their animals and the broader community. A Unique Collaboration For several years, Metro […]

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